Saturday, March 31, 2012

Piñatas = Sugar Addiction Promotion

The highs and lows begin with candy:
 giving it and then craving it
this is the future of our world
What are we actually allowing here?
Nothing else but consumers that will
 externally seek for the next  high
First comes sugar, then comes drugs, then...?
How far can we blind ourselves 
to not SEE what we feed to our children?
What's more important: 
cultural values associated with the 'happiness' given to kids with candies
or actually supporting and feeding them food that is supportive to Live?
What matters the most: 
Parties with heaps of candies 
or caring enough to not promote sugar consumption in children.
Why then complaining about hyperactivity, daddy?
Why then believing that your child has ADHD, mom?
It's all about the sugar, honey.

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